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The Golden Section Can Be Used To Make A Golden Rectangle

Figure 50 shows how t
he Golden Section can be used to make a rectangle similar to the shape of your credit card. Points A and B on line length A-B are being used to construct points C and D on Diagram 1, Figure 50. Points C and D are used to recheck and reconstruct points A and B. All four points are connected to make a square. From the centre of one side of the square in diagram 2, a line is drawn to one corner. The line is used to scribe an arc and extend the lines in diagram 3 to form the Golden Rectangle. The Golden Rectangle is enclosed by points A, B, C and D in diagram 4.

                                                    Figure50  Golden Rectangle Or Square

                                                               Diagrams 1 to 4 show how a square can be transformed into a Golden Rectangle.

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Scribing techniques can also be used to draw the Golden Rectangle on plywood and other construction materials. See figure 51. The rectangle can be incorporated into building walls and other features. You can also layout the sides of buildings in the ratio of  1.6180889 to 1 or 1618.1 mm to 1000 mm etc.

                                    Figure 51  Wall Dimensions Form A Golden Rectangle

                                             The Golden Section or Ratio is used in
wall dimensions to form a Golden Rectangle.     

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