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The Golden Section And Golden Rectangle Have The Same Proportions

The Golden Section, known also as the Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, Golden Rectangle and Divine Proportion, is an ancient and beautiful geometric idea that can be used in modern construction. You can find the Golden Section in nature, art, and in ancient and modern buildings such as the Pyramids in Egypt, Parthenon in Athens, Notre Dame in Paris, CN Tower in Toronto, and the United Nations building in New York. Leonardo Da Vinci used the Golden Section in his art . Your credit cards and drivers license form the golden rectangle.

The Golden Section forms a ratio of  1.6180339... or 0.6180339... The lengths A, B and C in figure 48 form the Golden Ratio.

 A divided by B equals C divided by A equals A plus B divided by A.

1/0.6180339... = 1.6180339.../1 = 1 + 0.6180339.../1

The ratio of  segments A + B/A = A/B =
1.6180339.../1 = 1/ 0.6180339... = the Golden Ratio

Figure 48 
                                                                              Golden Section Proportions

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Figure 49  Golden Section In A Rectangle

The Golden Rectangle in figure 49 has the same Golden Section proportions as figure 48.


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