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Watertight Concrete - Supplementary Cementing Materials

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Concrete that needs to be watertight must have low permeability. This can be achieved with a low water to cement ratio in the cement paste and an extended moist curing time. The same procedure along with hard aggregates can make the cured concrete abrasion resistant.

The properties of concrete can be altered when supplementary cementing materials are added to Portland cement. Generally, less water is needed in concrete mixes containing fly ash or ground granulated slag. Air entraining admixtures should be added to concrete containing slag, fly ash and silica fume because they reduce the amount of entrapped air. Silica fume makes a concrete gummier and less workable. Segregation and bleeding are reduced in concretes using fly ash and silica fume. Plastic shrinkage cracking in the concrete must  be prevented if low bleeding concrete is subject to rapid drying. 

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