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Ordering & Mixing Concrete

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A concrete order must include the amount of concrete, cement type and supplementary cementing materials, necessary slump at discharge point, coarse aggregate maximum size, air content, mix proportions or exposure class, admixture type, concrete temperature, concrete density, and 28 day compressive strength and/or ratio of water to cementing materials. The ingredients for a concrete batch are measured by mass or volume and added to the mixture. Most batchs are measured by mass because of the volume inaccuracies of measuring aggregates, especially wet sand. Concrete should be mixed until it appears uniform and the contents are distributed evenly. Concrete can be stationary mixed at the job site, ready mixed and transported to the job site, continuously mixed as ingredients are added to a job site Mobile Batcher Mixer truck, and mixed by High Energy Mixers.

  Concrete Mixtures Links

1.The Materials In Concrete.
2.Concrete Aggregates - Concrete Slump.
3.Concrete Placement - Vibration - Hydration.
4.Types of Portland Cement - Concrete Moisture & Cracking.
5.Watertight Concrete - Supplementary Cementing Materials.
6.Supplementary Cementing Materials.
7.Chemicals That Damage Concrete.
8.Concrete Aggregate Properties.
9.Angular & Smooth Aggregate Properties.
11.Admixtures Continued.
12.Air Entraining Admixtures.
13.Air Entraining Admixtures Continued.
14.Conditions Affecting Concrete Air Volume.
15.Superplasticizers & Other Admixtures.
16.Ordering & Mixing Concrete.
17.Concrete Mixing - Subgrade Preparation.
18.Subbase Preparation - Concrete Placement.
19.Concrete Consolidation.
20.Concrete Finishing.
21.Concrete Curing.
22.Hot Weather Concreting.
23.Cold Weather Concreting.
24.Concrete Slump Test.

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